Wearing a Poetry.In.Motion unisex tee while smelling a mango and holding a Hold Me cloth hardcover journal.

I am excited to announce the relaunch of showcasing my why, community events along my journey, spoken word performances, and new arrivals for purchase in limited quantity.

Poetry. In. Motion Unisex T-shirt, I Write Letters in my Thoughts Memoir Poetry Collection and Hold Me Cloth Hardcover Inclusive Journal

I am a daughter, sister, and friend. I am a first-generation Egyptian-Guyanese-American. I spent my childhood in Los Angeles until the uprisings of 1992 led me to Pasadena, CA. For over 15 years, I have committed myself to project, program, and community development work globally.

When I am asked what my why is, I say it is to know the best version of myself. Journaling has been a safe space for me since the age of 12. I started with pain, love, and hope and mapped the complexity of my youthful emotions.

During my two years in Morocco, I embraced writing. It provided a home to continue to process my thoughts, feelings, and discover myself as my new best friend. Poetry became a creative outlet for expression while inviting healing, transformation, and a confrontation with the past. Since my return to the United States, pen and paper have continued to be my refuge.

In 2017, I published my memoir poetry collection, I Write Letters in my Thoughts. A few months later, I started my Executive MBA program for the next two years. I went to school in the evenings and all-day Saturday while working full-time at Tesla and then LinkedIn. Life had me moving nonstop. Until January 2022, when I decided I am #Bettingonmyself.

Personally and professionally, I enjoy creating something from nothing. I had a vision in 2017 for my logo and poetry. I am grateful I brought it to life in 2022. You can learn more about the logo here. Thank you to everyone involved.

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Mona Khalil

Mona Khalil

Name dipped in mango | منى خليل |EMBA|DEI Leader |Ex Peace Corps, Tesla and LinkedIn |Author of #iwritelettersinmythoughts |Views My Own 📍 |