Unapologetic (Poetry)

Mona Khalil
2 min readMay 23, 2022

You can’t change someone’s behavior by loving them harder.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, friend, or love interest. Protecting yourself, your energy, and your space is beyond important. A lot of harm can be done to you by being in relation with someone who does not respect you. I hope you have a way to honor your voice and own how any relationship makes you feel. The journey back to yourself can be long and excruciating.

Unapologetic, Written October 11, 2015

Don’t apologize for asking him

To build a relationship,

As an active partner.

You are worth time, attention, and energy.

The work you have done on yourself

To get here.

He is pursuing you;

You are not pursuing him.

Started as a child,

When you were not in your control,

Confined by the people

Who claimed to love you.

It took you years.

A lot of time spent digging,

You had to let family know

You excavate your gold mine.

Men tell you

Proving yourself to them

Is how you win their love.

So you work and prioritize —

Tireless rollercoaster ride.

In the end, they are selfish.

You get off.

Why aren’t you pursuing him?

The start is not one person

Proving their worth to someone self-anointed.

The beginning is about building a foundation,

A mutual respect,


Gravity pulling you in

Before you have to put in the work

To make it work.

You are worth pursuing,

Your love unmatched.

You did not get it for free.

Why should he?

Remind yourself

The work you did

To get here.

You are self-revelation.

Page 45, I Write Letters in my Thoughts

During this time I had come across a poem by rupi kaur about selfish people:

rupi kaur poem about selfish people

Jazmine Sullivan — Selfish

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